5 Minutes with John Broughton, VP Marketing (Medical Devices)

We were fortunate enough to speak with John Broughton and ask him about how Marketing in Medical Devices has evolved over his career. John provides a fascinating insight into where marketing was, how it was perceived at the beginning of his career, right the way through to the trends he sees evolving soon. He talks us through how Marketing now sits firmly as a vital partner to sales, no longer a misunderstood department that was difficult to link back to sales. The future for marketing looks brighter than ever and the use of data and technology is really exciting.

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John shared his thoughts on:

  1. How marketing changed throughout his career (perception internally, relationship with sales, technology etc)?
  2. How to build a high performing sales team?
  3. What trends does he see coming through in Marketing in the next 3-5 years?


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