Improving Performance & Accelerating Success With Executive Coaching

Designed to accelerate the success of the individual (and business), coaching is one of the most individually tailored practices in talent development. Over the past 20 years hiring coaches for you and your promising executives has become increasingly popular. Get it right and it can increase your overall business productivity, collaboration and results! But get it wrong and it can potentially have the opposite effect!

With competition and customer demand increasingly growing, organisations cannot afford for leaders to derail or jeopardize their business.

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Research shows

40% of newly appointed leaders fail within the first year
1 to 1 development increases behaviours and skills by 80%
70% of development should be ‘on-the-job’
20% of development should be on relationships

What is Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching helps leaders discover their potential by; understanding their current competencies, providing insight into how they are perceived by others, and focusing on defining their vision through identifying and clarifying current goals. Understanding and determining the motivation and drive to achieve them, helping make better informed decisions, and improving the effectiveness of their overall relationships within the workplace.

It involves a close, confidential relationship between the individual and the coach, who will provide a safe, structured, and trusting environment in which to offer support for the individual. Executive Coaching provides your leaders with the tools, skills and knowledge for immediate and longer-term business success.

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Executive coaching is provided to senior leaders within an organisation such as a director, vice president, or member of the C-suite.

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Bespoke Coaching & Mentoring Programmes

Maybe you have a need for standalone coaching and/or mentoring to address a crisis point or develop to a specific urgent outcome, or there may be a need for a tailored individual development to support a larger transformation programme. Either way, we can create an executive coaching and/or mentoring programme to support you along the way. 

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Executive Succession Planning

Every boardroom in the country has a plan for the future, but few boards have actually created a plan when it comes to the succession of their executive team. Board members may well have an idea of who would step into whose shoes but unless the plan is agreed, documented and owned, this remains just an uncommunicated idea.

We work with your board and executive team to help ensure that your company's ambitions don’t suffer when an executive director leaves the organisation.

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