About us


Collingwood was established in 2005 by husband and wife team, Doug and Claire Mackay. Their dream at the time was to build a successful executive search business that focussed entirely on the client, putting their needs at the heart of the service on offer. Alongside that, they wanted to create a working environment where employees looked forward to their working day, were proud of a job well done and enjoyed working with the businesses they supported. Over time Collingwood has evolved but the sentiments of pride and caring for clients, candidates and employees alike have not.


The first step in Collingwood's evolution was the realisation that not all companies see the benefit of investing in the people they employ or the process by which they recruit their staff. We recognised that getting great results and the best long-term outcomes for everyone (candidates and clients) meant working with companies who share the same values as we do. We could see that success came as a result of; collaboration – access to decision makers who would share their challenges and aspirations, consultation – a clear understanding means we can give a viewpoint based on our experiencecommitment – realistic outcomes and expectations set and met, and care – mutual respect for all parties.


Our access to key decision makers brought about the next step in our development of Collingwood from an executive search company to that of a consultancy that advises on all aspects of new talent and existing leadership.

Now 12 years on from our launch, we are working with well-known and respected clients not just to find their next high calibre employee but to provide assessment, advice and guidance to organisations, teams and individuals going through significant change. Our solutions are aimed at removing the barriers to growth and accelerating performance by providing truly bespoke, collaborative and successful solutions based on our expertise.

Our services are split into two divisions, executive search and leadership consultancy. Use the service buttons below for more information. 

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