5 Minutes with Frank Troiano, Director of Sales, Medical Devices

I came across Frank’s profile during a search for a Medical Devices leader. I was drawn into his history, which is unique. Frank spent nearly 10 years in the Special Forces and then transitioned into a career in Medical Device Sales. I could see from his profile that he had progressed incredibly quickly and obtained an MBA during the 2.5 years post service.

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I was keen to speak with him to see what lessons we could learn from his background. He very kindly agreed to chat, and I asked him the following questions:

  • What did you do to prepare yourself for a move into a commercial role after leaving the military?
  • What key learnings and habits from your special forces time have you brought over into your role in sales?
  • What do you look for when recruiting high performing sales people?

We can all learn something from the preparation he went through to transition. On-boarding and pre-onboarding is vital to maximise success in a new role or promotion and, is so very often overlooked. His thoughts on what he has brought over from his military career demonstrate how valuable his experience has been to his transition but also what can be developed to be an even more effective leader.



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