What experience does Collingwood have recruiting for companies in the Industrial Technology industry?

We are commonly asked what experience we have recruiting in the industrial technology industry. First of all, industrial technology to us includes the following; • industrial automation (the automation of manufacturing, warehouses etc..) • communication networks (broadband and telephony) • cyber security (in relation to business communication / IT networks) • smart cities • remote monitoring and control of utility and power generation networks • satellite navigation for guidance, measurement and safety of transport networks

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As a team at Collingwood executive Search, we have been partnering companies in the above sectors or industries since 2006. Many of our client partnerships started in the UK but have steadily grown, helping our clients build high performing teams in Europe, Middle East, and North America. Once we have formed a good understanding of our clients' cultures through our work in the UK, many have asked us to replicate this knowledge - and indeed the successful appointments they have enjoyed - further afield.

We find that armed with a good understanding of their business strategy, culture, and the nuances of recruiting in the UK for them, we have become very effective at recruiting global teams that all align. Prior to partnering with Collingwood our clients have often used different recruiters local to the countries they are recruiting in but have to educate new partners again and again due to a lack of global recruiting understanding and experience. It is time consuming and actually is not as powerful as having one trusted recruitment partner for their global requirements.

One example of this is our 17-year partnership with a Nasdaq listed US Industrial Technology product manufacturer. We started our journey by partnering the UK Sales Director to build a sales team. As this leader progressed through the organisation, which ended with him moving to the US into a Senior Board level role, he asked Collingwood to follow him and build high performing teams in the geographical regions that he was responsible for. We knew him and the company’s culture intimately and could therefore present only 2 to 3 exceptional candidates for him to interview, knowing the role would be filled (often headhunters / recruiters provide an extensive list of potential candidates but this can be counterproductive and does not convey a good understanding of the business, role and requirements).

It saved this leader not only a huge amount of time interviewing but also the need to constantly educate other recruiters, if he hadn't chosen to partner Collingwood exclusively. Our remit here grew to other function leaders asking us to build teams in marketing, supply chain, technical consultancy, manufacturing, engineering and, in fact most disciplines.

Collingwood Executive Search is set up with practices that specialise in specific industries. We have consultants and a research team who are passionate and dedicated to these industries. This specialism and expertise enable us to provide a robust consulting style, based on our knowledge of the Industrial Technology industry. We are able to provide data and insights to guide our clients, and ensure they are able to recruit the talent required to execute their strategies.

If we know the sought talent doesn't exist or is financially out of the reach of our clients, we are able to discuss and provide alternative solutions. We are passionate about the difference our clients’ solutions are making to the world which is a key reason we are so invested in industrial technology.


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