Key factors to consider when recruiting a sales director

Recruiting a new sales director or sales leader for your business is probably one of the top 3 key decisions you will ever make. Get it right and your company will fly, get it wrong and it will be a very painful and costly exercise that could put your company back months or years against your strategy. Here are our key factors you should consider when recruiting a Sales Director.

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When considering any senior level hire would you use a traditional database recruitment firm (known as contingent recruiters) or partner an expert in finding top talent? Overall businesses waste millions every year trying to recruit a senior level role through contingent recruitment firm. Most contingent recruitment firms are great for less senior hires. They have databases of candidates looking for work and can find candidates based off your requirements. But it is important to remember, when looking for your next senior level appointment, that you should engage a higher level of expertise in order to guarantee the level of talent you require. Executive Search is a headhunting service provided by experts who spend that time and effort to understand exactly what is required for a business. They work with the business to ensure expectations are met and even exceeded. Executive Search firms have a wealth of experience and knowledge, understanding the markets in depth, providing qualitative data which help businesses make important hiring decisions, and providing that level of expertise required to ensure the hire is of exceptional quality, will produce the results you want, and ensure longevity, saving time and expense in the long term. 

Key Differences Between Retained Executive Search and Contingency Recruitment Agencies

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Having started his career in Executive Search in 1998, Doug set up Collingwood in 2005 alongside his wife, Claire Mackay.

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