Empathetic Leadership: Are you an Empathetic Leader?

Is Empathetic leadership the most important leadership skill? Empathetic leadership has become an area of increasing interest in the field of leadership studies. There is a growing belief that leadership has not only drastically changed from previous generations, but has shifted in style in more recent years. Empathetic leadership is becoming more present in our continually changing business environment. Not only does this approach in leadership demonstrate a better understanding of our changing environments and pressures of work life balance, it has a huge impact on the overall business. It is therefore critical to your business that empathy plays a key role within your leadership. So how do you know if you are an empathetic leader? We have put together a video which will help you determine if you are an empathetic leader.

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62% of women surveyed said they were unlikely to think of leaving their companies when they felt their life circumstances were respected and valued by their companies

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Doug Mackay
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Having started his career in Executive Search in 1998, Doug set up Collingwood in 2005 alongside his wife, Claire Mackay.

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