Justin Carpenter

Senior Consultant, AI & Medical Technology

About me

Justin joined Collingwood Search in January 2020 as Senior Executive Search Consultant, recruiting within the AI & Medical Technology Industries.

I have a degree in Systems Modelling which is maths, stats and operational research. 

I started working in recruitment in March 1995. At that time there were 2 Apple Mac computers in the organisation that serviced 35 recruiters. The phone, fax and post were our main methods of communication!

Prior to my recruitment career I worked at British Airways in operational research within the Marketing Decision Support Division. It was really interesting work, calculating the capacity for the then unbuilt T4 arrival lounge, but I wanted a career that really rewarded my efforts beyond financially. Recruitment wasn’t such a well-known career path so in a sense I fell into it, but it has certainly provided a lot of challenges through learning new technologies, industry sectors and roles. I get to meet new people every day across the world. I have an impact on people’s careers, make many friends and solve problems that our customers need solving. It is hard work but it’s worth it when you find someone their perfect role, find a great new employee for a customer and get a recognition internally for a job well done.

At Collingwood I work as an executive Search Consultant guiding companies to high performing new employees across technology, commercial (sales, product, marketing) for organisations globally. I have a particular interest in the use of emerging technologies particularly in the healthcare sector, but there are many interesting applications of technology in other industries. I still love learning about data related roles in AI and data science.

Outside of work I enjoy

My main interests revolve around outdoor activities particularly paddle boarding and outrigger canoeing. The biggest highlight was racing in a six-person outrigger team at the 2019 Toronto International Outrigger Challenge which was a 20km race around the Toronto Islands.

I am also a very proud Father and recently Grandfather.

I read quite a lot of books to help me with work which could range from mindset, coaching through to sales.

What do you like most about your job?

The most enjoyable aspects are the challenge of the job itself and that no one search is the same. The main enjoyment is that when we successfully complete a search, we have a happy Client, and a happy Candidate that recognise the hard work, as well as internal recognition from the team here at Collingwood.

Fun Facts

Favourite Band: I own all the Madness records and every derivative eg 7inch, 12-inch, picture disks etc.

Favourite Food: I like most types of food, particularly Spanish having spent a lot of time in Spain.

Favourite Film: I’m a big fan of James Bond so happy to re-watch all the Bond films and looking forward to the latest release

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