Team Collingwood

Say hello to our team of experienced professionals that form Collingwood. Each one of our team plays a pivotal role in the company, working together to achieve success for Collingwood and our clients. These are the people that make our office an enjoyable and collaborative place to work and will help our clients to achieve their vision.

Working across a variety of specialisms, each team member shares the common drive and the passion to go the extra mile for our clients. These people don’t just work for you, but become your trusted advisors, coming away at the end of the day feeling proud of what they’ve achieved for you. So don’t hesitate to contact us and find out how we can work together to achieve success for your business.

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Georgia Woodward

Marketing Assistant
Georgia discovered her key interests within the social media and marketing world during high school and continued this through to her A-levels, where… Read more
Paul Turner2

Dr Paul Turner

Associate Consultant
Before gaining his PhD in Leadership, Paul established a track record of success as an Executive responsible for commercial multi-channel operations… Read more