Executive Search


Executive Search is a professional recruitment service, sometimes known as search and selection or headhunting. Search firms like Collingwood partner organisations who need to fill senior level/business critical and/or ‘hard to fill’ roles. Usually retained prior to any recruitment activity taking place, the search consultant, through their industry sector expertise, is able to offer guidance on identifying, attracting and appointing the best individuals to meet their clients’ needs. The consultant will then project manage the recruitment process from start to finish on behalf of their client.

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From start-ups to global organisations, companies choose executive search as a recruitment process for a number of reasons:

  • Ability to choose candidates that aren’t available internally or through their own sourcing methodologies
  • Using a third party allows clients the freedom to target and recruit candidates from specific competitors
  • Outsource the investment of time required   
  • Access to recruitment expertise around a particular sector and/ or skill set
  • Access to an established network within a particular industry sector
  • Recruitment expertise in relation to interviewing against cultural and skills fit
  • Executive search firms have a national and international reach
  • Gain and gather competitor and management information throughout the search process

In addition to covering all of the above, Collingwood also offers services that complement the recruitment process and are focussed on delivering commercial success:

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Executive Search is a thorough process (more detail available here) which starts with our search consultant listening to a client’s needs. Advice, guidance and options are tailored to meet the client’s challenges and to demonstrate an understanding of the brief.  Once engaged, research is undertaken to map the market sector, identifying competitors and any aligned businesses who employ candidates with the expertise and skill set to meet the client’s requirements. From here individuals are found and approached, both sensitively and professionally, to make them aware of the opportunity available. 


Brand perception can affect both the candidate’s decision-making process and the client’s reputation, so great care is taken to act as an ambassador for the client at this point. Interested candidates who match the client's brief are interviewed and assessed before a shortlist is selected of those meeting the requirements and cultural fit of the hiring company. Support can be provided throughout the client’s interview and selection stage and again the consultant is on hand to help during contract offer and negotiation stages.



In short, yes, but of course we'd say that.  What we would also say is that our executive search process isn't for everyone.  It does still require an element of investment from the hiring company to ensure any new employee feels like your organisation is one they want to be part of.  So if you are looking for a fast and cheap recruitment option where there's no effort required until the contract is signed, Collingwood isn't for you and we wish you well. Our process concentrates on your commercial goals, overcoming your challenges and getting the right cultural fit. We believe that it is this focus that delivers the best long-term results and success and we are not the only people who think so:

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