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Why Choose Collingwood Executive Recruitment?
We want your organisation to prosper and grow.  Our targeted Executive Search, Headhunting and Assessment Services successfully find a hidden market of talented candidates who will benefit your business.  Whether you are a growing SME or a leading international brand, we provide the same high level of service to help you build, develop and retain employees across all business disciplines.

How Collingwood Deliver Solutions?
Our experienced headhunters partner a diverse range of ambitious clients, working across specialist industry sectors so that we constantly hone our knowledge, to benefit you.  Our geographical reach is borderless and, by listening to your requirements, we will implement an agreed recruitment process that meets your needs and provides you with a return on your investment.

Working to our core values we promise to deliver a value added service and that means:

  • We research and map your industry sector to identify and target talented individuals. 
  • We impart our sector knowledge and recruitment advice from day one to benefit your recruitment process.
  • We provide you with weekly management information to ensure there are no surprises during the project.
  • We act as your brand ambassador, engaging with candidates to showcase you as an employer and sell the benefits of your opportunities – achievable even when highly confidential.
  • We interview and assess all shortlisted candidates face-to-face, to provide you with documentary evidence to support your decision making process.
  • We conduct a post placement review with you to provide, not only an assessment of the individual recruitment project, but also an indication of how you are perceived by the candidate market.

Our overarching goal is to be seen by you, as a Trusted Advisor.  We want to be your first point of contact rather than the last resort and the only way this can be achieved is by continually exceeding your expectations.

Want to find out more?
If you would like to find out more then please give us a call on +44 1829 732 374, you can discuss your requirements or feel free just to ask our advice.  If you are interested in knowing more about Collingwood then our Case Studies and Client Testimonials will act as useful aid in demonstrating our success and expertise.

Candidate Guidance
Our process can only be successful by engaging with talented, senior level individuals.  If you are visiting the Collingwood website because you are looking for an exciting new role, then please visit our candidate page.   

Client Testimonials

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Due to the planned retirement of our CEO, STG Aerospace needed to recruit a high calibre successor. The main objectives of the CEO role are two-fold, keep the company on its current successful path and execute plans for innovation and business growth.

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