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What Kind of Leader are You?


Thank you for completing your values based leadership style questionnaire. In their article “Values-Based Leadership,” Hogan and Dr. Jorge Fernández uncovered four distinct leadership styles based around a person’s values: the strategist, the analyst, the mentor, and the innovator. Your questionnaire suggests your leadership style profile is as follows;   

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Strategist executives are driven by power, recognition, and excitement. Interpersonally, they are forceful and decisive. Accordingly, Hogan said, leaders who use this approach create a work environment that is competitive and confrontational.


Where the strategist is forceful and values excitement, analyst executives desire to control resources and pursue stability and predictability. They often devote much of their time to developing detailed prescriptive policies, procedures, and rewards to reinforce desired behaviours. The internal climate they create will likely be formal and structured.


Executives who display characteristics of the mentor value collaboration, helping others, and maintaining high standards. Interpersonally, they are open, warm, and friendly; thus, they create an internal climate that is comfortable and cordial. These executives likely spend the majority of their time in personnel-related activities.


Executives who rely on the leadership style of the innovator, on the other hand, value knowledge and imagination. Unlike strategy CEOs, these executives focus more on process than final destination. For them, the reinvention of business practices and products is imperative. Interpersonally, they are bright, curious, and enthusiastic, and build an environment that is conducive to learning and experimentation.

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