Your Guide to Employee Assessment – Driving Team Performance

Every company has its own needs and requirements when it comes to their employees. Teams have their own chemistry with each other. And individuals can react very differently in any given situation. Therefore digging deep down, getting under the skin of people is so important but can prove difficult.

Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself prior to carrying out employee or candidate assessments to get the best from this highly valuable process.

What are you looking to improve?

There are always areas to improve within a company or team, the trick is to put all your efforts into the specific area that will deliver the best results, or address the area suffering most.

Team performance - perhaps your team isn’t integrating well with each other. This could be affecting their overall performance and morale; creating a less than an efficient working environment.

Leadership - management may be an area you are looking to improve. With better management and more focused leadership, your team could be more productive. Management has the ability to offer motivation and encouragement to the entire team, improving performance.

Company growth - a lack of growth could also be holding your team back. Identifying skills gaps, bringing in new skills, experience and talents can drive an entire business forward.

What is your situation?

Whether you are looking to improve team performance, identify leadership potential, reduce employee turnover or manage a period of change within your business you’ll need to react differently. Are you looking to appoint new people and want the best possible hires or just re-organising the team and want to discover how to get the most from your people?

Perhaps your entire company is changing, merging with another or you’re introducing new goals that you’re working towards? If so, you’ll want to ensure your team embrace and align with the company’s aspirations.

The employment lifecycle consists of the following areas, which one are you at?

  • Talent identification and engagement
  • Selection and appointment
  • Onboarding and induction
  • Managing and appraising
  • Learning and development
  • Succession planning

What are you looking to measure?

Team and employee assessments can measure a range of different things. The most desired information is around knowledge, skills, aptitude, attitude and potential of employees.

Information such as personality traits, working styles and working values help an employer gain an insight into potential new appointments or current employees and measure how closely aligned they are with the company’s vision, values and overall mission. If overall satisfaction is something you want to improve, this can be measured, weaknesses discovered and solutions found.

What benefits would you like to see?

The results may surprise you, but good or bad, you will have a much clearer assessment of your employees, your team and the leadership ability of your managers. This is useful information that could help improve a number of areas.

Future recruitment strategies can be guided by the identification of skills gaps, the need for succession planning and cultural alignment. Assessments take away the ‘gut feel’ element from senior level recruitment, saving on the cost of a bad hire.

Benchmarking strong performers and understanding the behaviours and attitude that make these employees stand out can help you identify learning, development and training programmes to help others. This, in turn, can help in establishing you as a company with a reputation for career progression – great for employee retention and your employer brand.

For team improvements, you may want to see clear ways in which you can improve employee engagement, you may even discover hidden talents within your team that can be better utilised.

Here at Collingwood, we offer an employee benchmarking and assessment service that we’re proud of. We care about creating long-term relationships with our customers, helping them realise their business aspirations and identify areas of development, not only with new and potential employees but also within their existing workforce.

Have a look at our infographic to understand how our process works and how we can help you throughout the employee lifecycle. 


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