The Most Satisfying Thing About Accurate Behavioural Profiling & How to Stealthily Match it Against Your Team

When you are looking for senior level and business critical candidates to fill a vacant position within your organisation there are a number of things you have to get right; the job specification, the candidate profile, the objectives of the role, the skills, experience and leadership style required and the right remuneration package on offer. Senior roles have a much greater impact across teams, departments and ultimately your business as a whole, so ensuring you find the best person is vital. But did you know there is another tool at your disposal? One which adds an element of 'science' to the art of recruiting - behavioural profiling.

What is behavioural profiling?

Thomas International, a leader in people assessment, explain that personality and behavioural profiling provides an accurate insight into how people behave in the workplace and the benefits those behaviours add to the business.

Using behavioural profiling businesses can gain a greater level of certainty in their recruitment and development programmes, and the focus to boost their people management capabilities and staff retention initiatives.

The most satisfying thing about accurate behavioural profiling

Behavioural profiling obviously enables you to identify and attract the most suitable person for a role. However, even more satisfying than that, is the extensive clarification it brings to the whole team or department. You see, in order to create an in-depth and well thought out behavioural profile, you must understand how this candidate is to work across the team, including any employees they will work with, manage or report to. Effective behavioural profiling can bring about clarity across an entire organisation and hone in on each employees’ responsibilities, competencies and deliverables.

How to stealthily match it against your team

Behavioural profiling is not only beneficial for potential candidates, your current team could also benefit. Team assessments can be created to analyse team efficiency and personal development within a department. These assess the mindset and aptitude of employees both individually and as a team.

Our Collingwood employee benchmarking and assessment service stealthily analyse your organisation in relation to a new role, whether that be providing robust data around team dynamics or benchmarking a current employee to identify the characteristics that make them successful. We do this using a range of accredited tools as well as the experience and sector-specific knowledge of our team.

The benefits of this type of employee assessment:

  • What motivates and drives the candidate?
  • What are their strengths and limitations?
  • What is their preferred communication style?
  • How do they interact with their colleagues?
  • What is their value to the organisation?
  • How do they behave under pressure?
  • What management style will get the best out of them?
  • Avoid “bad hires” which are extremely expensive?

Behavioural profiling and benchmarking assessments offer a way of not only finding the right candidate for your organisation but also ensuring the integration of new employees within your team goes smoothly and successfully.


To find out more about the work we do with behavioural profiling and employee assessments visit our services page today. Contact us directly to really understand how we can tailor our services to your organisation, your team or your new job roles to help you achieve success.