The Most Frequently Accepted Reasons for Under Performance & How to Eradicate them from Your Team

Under-performance from individuals can affect a whole team and have knock-on effects on your entire company. Appointing great employees can really help your business strive forward to achieve your goals. However, recruiting the wrong person could cost your company massively.

Below are some of the most frequently seen reasons for team members underperforming and how to solve the issue, or, to be even more effective, prevent it in the first place.

Reason: lacking skills

Employees could be underperforming due to an incapability to complete the tasks set. If the core skills required for a role do not match up with the skills of your candidate then you are setting yourself up for failure.


There are a number of ways to address this. Either you change how you search for and assess candidates, adopting a more thorough approach to research; aligning your search criteria to a detailed job description. Ability and aptitude based assessments will also help evaluate potential candidates. Or, alternatively, you can assess the skills gaps within your organisation and carry out shadowing or training programs to bring vital skills to your team.

Reason: lacking vision

Employees who do not share your vision will not be working towards the same goals as you. The underperformance is therefore caused by a lack of emotional connection with your brand.


Ensure your vision, beliefs and culture are always present when creating new roles, especially when searching for senior level candidates. Clearly set out what your mission is as well as your company values, consistently share these with employees and candidates. Creating a competency framework based on your values will highlight the required behaviours when assessing your potential new hire.

Reason: lacking communication

If you have not thoroughly communicated your expectations for both your team and any new roles then you must be prepared for people to fail to live up to them.


Aim to improve communication and clarity when creating job roles, so straight away both you and the candidate have a full understanding of exactly what’s required and can work together to achieve this. If this is an issue within your already established team, an evaluation of team rules may be effective. This will also be beneficial in setting future objectives and creating an appraisal system that ensures objectives and goals are kept on track and feed into the company’s overall objectives.

Reason: lacking motivation

A lack of motivation can destroy productivity and performance. Not just for an individual, but for the whole team. This could be caused by a lack of communication, feeling undervalued or even a lack of challenging work.


First, you must find out what the reason for the lack of motivation is. This can often be down to team leadership – their ability to manage, motivate and inspire. Benchmarking managers who have these skills enable you to identify the characteristics that make your leaders successful; guiding future recruitment strategies. By identifying the ideal behavioural profile you can recruit more successful leaders.

Employee benchmarking and team assessments from Collingwood help businesses recruit, develop, retain and manage their talent. The foundations that will drive business success. Have a look at our infographic to understand how our process works. 

Is underperformance an issue within your company? If so, your entire business could be affected, be that by a lack of skills, motivation or cultural awareness.

Where are you lacking and where could you improve? The complexities around company culture, team dynamics and an individual’s skills and attitude mean that a more in-depth assessment of your company and your team is a must.


Our employee benchmarking and assessment services allow us to really get under the skin of your company. We can then give you a greater understanding of your needs and requirements to drive productivity and performance. Our consultative process means that we will work with you to truly understand your business and find a solution. So call us today on 01829 732 374 and start the conversation.