The Competitive Benefits of a Thorough Executive (Re)Search Process

Done correctly, an executive search process can uncover some amazing insights; findings that you’d happily pay a market research team to unearth.  The information gained will undoubtedly give your company a competitive edge, not just in terms of the talent that is identified and ultimately hired, but also through the insights that are uncovered as part of the identification and engagement phases of the re-search process. Here are just some of the benefits (click on the image below enlarge):


Professional search consultants are talking to your market, your competitors and the senior talent within your industry sector. They are not just gleaning insights from what is written on candidates’ CVs or by matching skills and experience against a job description. They are having in-depth conversations with people to understand their motivators, ambitions and goals.

What is going to attract this person to a new role? Salary? Perhaps, but what if it’s about company culture, growth plans, investment in innovation, career development opportunities or a company’s reputation. All this information is relevant to your search consultant and your business if you care about employee retention, morale, and employer branding.

And it isn’t just insights from those people who might want the job, what about those people who reject the approach? What is it about their current role and employer they love, or perhaps it’s what they’ve heard about you! Your consultant will want to find out so you can understand what the market's perception of you is, and if needed, you have the information to improve it.

Consultants are also asking people to make recommendations and referrals from their network, who are the high potentials and why? Or what have they heard about unhappy employees within ‘such and such a company’ that are having real problems with staff turnover. This information provides your consultant with a stand out shortlist of candidates, you with a great hire and added to that, you also have competitor information and a possible talent pool for the future.

It’s also important to remember that as your brand ambassador the search consultant can inform just as well as they listen – what messages do you want communicated to your sector and your future employees?

This is just a snapshot of the type of conversations a consultant will have and those doing their job properly will dig deep to find those nuggets of information that they know will aid their search and add real value to their customer.

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