Recruitment Tips for Assessing the Best Candidate Fit

Throughout the years Collingwood has continued to adapt our recruitment process and techniques and ways of assessing candidates. As the business world and its demands have changed, so has the need to find the right fit of candidate for our clients. Through our face-to-face interviews and competency assessments, we are able to provide a stronger judgment on the fit as well as offer advice and guidance on who we feel would add the most value to their business.

We also continue to learn from our own clients who have often demonstrated some fantastic methods and 'thinking outside the box' when making a judgement and choosing the right candidate for their business. Often companies get too hung up on experience and past roles, rather than making a judgement on other key factors.

Here are some of the other key factors and methods that we feel you should assess against in order to have a higher success rate when identifying talent for your business:


Cultural Fit

A candidate may offer all the experiences you require and more, but more importantly, would they fit into the culture of your business? What are the team dynamics in your business? Will these be affected by bringing in the individual?

When interviewing ask some questions around key motives, outside interests, ways of working, how well they work in teams. For example, a good way to assess this is to get middle management and team members involved in the interviews. Let them spend half an hour with the candidate on their own and let them express their opinion. They are going to be the individuals who will have the most interaction with the successful candidate, so how do they feel they will fit into business and its culture?


Behavioural Profiling/Assessment

There are a variety of tools and assessments on the market which can add real value to your process. Linking to cultural fit, do their behaviours fit into the culture of the business? Do they have the leadership skills required to motivate and coach the team? We often stress to our clients not to take the results ‘too literal’, but they can often help you gain a more detailed insight into their ways of working and help you assess if their natural behaviours suit the role that is required of them.


Shortlist Variety

Often companies get too hung up on specifics and key experiences that they are looking for. Make sure you have a variety on your shortlists. Often clients are presented with backgrounds that they did not think would add value to their business but then often find themselves reassessing their requirement. This is not a negative. For example, for senior sales roles, clients often get too hung up on ‘the little black book’ and the instant value that the individual can bring to the business. However, do you only require a strong account manager to nurture and develop the relationships you already have? In manufacturing, for example, is it worth assessing someone with a strong technical background versus someone with a strong engineering background? If you are business heavily reliant on NPD then will this add more value for the future, rather than the present?


Outside the Sector

Finally, clients often only look for people from direct competitors or from only in their sector. We have seen great success over the years from clients who have looked outside their sector. This is highlighted in a recent blog article, food vs. non-food, and the skills and ways of working that each sector can adopt from one another. The food sector is known for its fast pace, strong range planning and NPD. Would these ways of working add value to your business? In manufacturing, would someone from outside the sector ‘think outside the box’ and bring in methods often unheard of in your sector, resulting in improved efficiencies and reduction in wastage. Collingwood are currently working with a manufacturer who is only interested in bringing senior managers from the food sector, rather than competitors. Already they are seeing the benefits of increased output and the manufacturing team becoming re-energised with new methods and ways of working. 

Through more detailed headhunting and assessment, along with adopting a different mindset, Collingwood continue to add value and become a trusted advisor to our clients, ensuring a strong talent pipeline is identified for current and future success. As a result, Collingwood continues to help our clients assess and identify their most valuable asset, their people.

For more information on the value that Collingwood can add to your senior management and director level recruitment feel free to get in touch +44 1829 732374.