Millennials: Leaders Who Inspire

As you will probably know, English football has lost some legends recently with the likes of Gerrard and Lampard heading over to America and the Barcelona legend Xavi heading out to Qatar, all intending to see out the remainder of their short-lived football careers in slightly more luxurious and chilled conditions. Without these brand legends, the teams may feel lost and may struggle to attract the brightest and best talent in world football.

This is because the image of the club has decreased. One of the main reasons a player would have wanted to join Liverpool would have been the prospect of playing with a legend like Steven Gerrard but, without him what is there? He was the face of Liverpool FC and he gave a good image of the club. Image and reputation are very important.

It is the same in the workplace. You need to be a respected in order to attract new talent, win new clients and build a reputation around the industry that you seek work in. A lot of people will know of Steven Gerrard for example and will, therefore, be more interested in the club. In your company the more promotion and networking you do, the more popular your business will become. This is important and will attract work to your business just like Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard attracted players to their respected clubs.

On to Xavi now, who won 25 club trophies for the Catalan club, along with an outrageous list of individual honours including a world cup and other trophies with the Spanish national team. Would you ever leave this club if you knew a crazy number of trophies were up for grabs? No, the thing is you wouldn’t. Just the chance of winning these trophies would attract you to this club.

In your business, you need to retain your employees and keep them at your business. Obviously, you can’t offer a potential of 25 trophies but there are little things which you can do as the leader of the business. It is very important to make your employees feel valued and rewarded; an important part of the team. This, with respectable pay, is a way to keep the employees motivated. But you have to ensure that they know exactly where you intend for the business to go or they will find someone else who does! See, you don’t need to win 25 trophies to attract and retain your employees.

Finally, Frank Lampard. He was never the loudest (Jamie Carragher) type leader but he always led by example. Behaving in a very professional manner and respecting others. This rubbed off on his Chelsea teammates (maybe not John Terry) but on a whole, they were a well organised and disciplined side under the control of Frank.

When you are in your business, you need to be a respected leader and ensure multiple things. You need to make sure that you follow the rules which you have set because no one is going to work well and be motivated by a leader who tells everyone to be in at 8:30 am on the dot but then they turn up at 10 am every day. You need to make sure you conduct yourself professionally so that your employees don’t start to act unprofessionally and disrespectfully due to the fact that they are simply doing as you do. This is the power which you have as a leader; you can either use it to your advantage or abuse it and probably lose it!

These ideal leaders are hard to come by but any leaders out there can take notes from them and improve the way they lead their businesses.

‘Written by Willem Everstead, age 15, whilst on a work-experience here at Collingwood. Willem was asked to write a blog about leaders who inspired him and how that could translate into the world of business - the content, opinions and style are wholly his own. We felt very fortunate to have someone who showed strong potential in his ability and understanding of leadership and organizational brand.’ Sarah Thomas, MCIPD – Talent Management Associate.