How Much Can a 'Temporary Fix' Damage the Momentum of your Business?

Although money saving, how much can a “temporary fix” damage the momentum of your business?

Adopt the 7 “P” principle rather than the dreaded 7 “R” principle!

We’ve all been there – cutting corners and missing out critical stages so you can simply “get the job done”. Another task ticked off your never-ending list. Time is precious and results are expected, and if we can get something done in record time – then even better. However, how often does this half-hearted or unprepared approach end up causing us more work in the long run? Let me set the scene…

A chipped and bubbled windowsill, which at first glance can be quickly fixed with a dab of paint. Once the gap has been repainted, the sill will look like new again. Those of you DIY dab-hands or methodical masters will be shaking your head at the utter stupidity of this short-sighted mindset as you’ll know what the outcome of this approach will be. A quick dab of paint will end up looking far worse than the initial chipped windowsill. Why? Because the paint is often a few niggling shades brighter than the rest of the sill, the brush bristles are scratchy (as it was not cleaned properly last time it was used - to save time) and despite your best efforts, the end result is a streaky mismatch botched job. You can cope with how it looks for a while but then it starts to annoy you, it catches your eye every time you enter the room and in the end, you surrender. Damn it! What may have taken you 5 minutes is now going to take you a few hours to rectify the problem and do it properly. There’s an annoying voice in your head recalling the words so often scoffed at “If you’re going to do something – do it properly”. So you resolve and start the routine which your sensible self should have started hours ago – strip the complete windowsill of the old and “new touched up” paint and prepare it properly. Sand the wood down, wipe away all the shavings, repaint the complete sill, WAIT and once dry - finally gloss. On reflection you’ll be quite pleased with the final outcome and the gleaming windowsill will be a daily reminder of a job well done (finally!) but wouldn’t it have been better to have started this process with a clear plan, preparation, and process?

You may be familiar with the 7 x “P” principles – “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance” which has been the US Marine Corps & British Army adage for years. As much as my personal characteristics are rebelling against this sentiment, it actually can’t be argued with when it comes to business and day to day life. Believe me, I have made many a rash decision and cut corners on the premise that it’ll save me time in the end and I can tick a task off my list – but in the end I’ve had to spend more time rectifying the situation than if I’d just slowed down, reflected and thought through what I wanted my outcome to be and how best to achieve it. The pace of life often doesn’t allow us to ponder and procrastinate as much as we’d like, as our attention often shifts to “actions” and “output” – but hopefully, this simplistic analogy emphasises the importance of doing something right – first time.

If we approach recruitment and business decisions with the same principles of planning, preparation and process – the outcome will be something you can be proud of, will reward you with a return on your investment and is very likely to save you precious time in the long run.

Recruitment is seen by too many organisations as a cost rather than an investment. I can’t tell you how many conversations I've had with global businesses who want to invest minimally and fill a critical role as quickly as they possibly can. More often than not they are reviewing what went wrong with their appointment after 6 months and have to spend even more money to put right what they could have the first time around by using the 7 "P" theory.

At Collingwood, we have no interest in short-term gains, quick fixes and transactional relationships with our clients. Instead, we embed ourselves in the businesses we partner to “get under their skin”, truly understand what makes them tick, gain clarity on their vision and values and develop a strong partnership for the long term. Knowledge is king and our open partnerships ensure we provide much greater value to our clients than merely filling vacancies. As trusted advisors we provide market insights, help develop talent strategies/succession planning, bespoke recruitment strategies, assess the teams our clients already employ and fundamentally focus on gaining the best return on their investment possible. Building these insights takes time – yes, but the right invested interest and planning hugely benefits all concerned in the long-term. The result – a team of high calibre individuals ensuring you deliver your business objectives.

If we don’t embrace the 7 x “P” principles, these can very quickly become a 7 x “R” principle which as a business or as an individual can be simply a waste of time – Re-do, Revise, Revisit, Re-address, Repeat, Re-assess and ultimately Regret.

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