Headhunters - The Deciding Factor

At Collingwood, we are incredibly proud of our customer partnerships. We have worked with the majority of our clients for many years, achieving our mission to be trusted advisors.

However, as an ambitious business we are always looking to partner new clients. As part of our business development programme we often get invited by organisations to present Collingwood services and take part in a tender process along with other headhunting organisations to win senior level recruitment assignments.These are fantastic opportunities for us to work with a new organisation, however it can be a lottery. What does the client want? Who are we up against? How much is based on cost? Have decisions already been made?

We have recently won two assignments within the healthcare sector. One to find a Director of HR and workforce transformation for an NHS trust and one to find an Operations Director for a healthcare manufacturing organisation. In both of these cases, the client said there was initially little between the three headhunters involved. A similar process, similar fees, payment stages and all experienced consultants – it was a tough decision.

Why Did Collingwood Stand Out?

Recruitment is a highly competitive sector, there is little to differentiate between companies and generally, clients have heard it all before. What they’re looking for is something different that will importantly add value to the assignment process and to future recruitment and retention.

In Collingwood’s case, it was our client quality charter and our additional talent services that made us stand out for both of the clients mentioned above. Market research, executive search and shortlisting are a given for any headhunting organisation worth their salt.

It’s Collingwood’s ability to supplement the standard headhunting process with additional added value; sector specialists with numerous case studies and anecdotes from similar organisations, detailed weekly management information, frequent and documented communications points, people assessments, flexible pricing structures, ability to network globally, referencing and finally post placement reviews that all make the difference.

What is also really appealing when we talk to prospective clients is our facility to offer consultation and advice on a wider range of talent services – the hot topics for companies and their HR teams; employee engagement, employer branding, employee satisfaction and cultural alignment. Along with retention services such as succession planning/implementation, development programmes/talent pipeline and remuneration benchmarking.   

Our approach to delivering senior level assignments and our wider talent services portfolio have shown our ability to offer more than the majority of our competitors. Adding value has been key in establishing Collingwood as a preferred recruitment provider within our specialist sectors; healthcare, rail, construction, aerospace, and consumer goods.


If you’d like to find out more about how Collingwood can add value to your organisation through our recruitment process and talent services contact one of our business managers on 01829 732 374.