Are You Utilising Talent Mobility for your Business?

They say that technology has brought the world closer together, and the world of business is no exception. Some say that success in the business world today now depends on going global, taking expertise across the world and drawing from the global markets.

With a predicted 50% growth in global mobility by 2020, 75% of companies are expecting to increase their population of mobile employees in the next three to five years according to research carried out by Deloitte. This means they will be expecting to see skills transferred across offices and locations in order to make the most of the internal talent. However, only 2% of these companies consider their ability to move these skills and resources to be up to scratch.

Millennials coming into industries with the right skills and talent are aware of the increase in business mobility too. And they don’t just know it, they expect to be working across borders at some point in their career and see this as a development opportunity. This makes mobility so important to businesses as this group of employees are expected to make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025.

So, how can companies maintain the right level of talent and knowledge across their organisation? Well, this is where talent mobility comes in. This solution allows internal movement of human resources in order to find the perfect situation. With the right people in the right places, you can work towards meeting your organisational vision and business strategies.

So, just what is talent mobility? It is the process of analysing your current talent, resources and skills to understand your situation before setting a plan for the future. Using this knowledge you can then map out a structure that will best support your business goals and utilise the right talent in the right business areas.

When it comes to these opportunities there needs to be a huge emphasis on welfare and support in order to facilitate the talent mobility process. After all, you are asking people to uproot their lives and take on a big new challenge. Therefore, the solution must be tailored to the individual’s needs, capabilities and willingness to move and then the right support and care given to developing and progressing each individual.

As more and more companies expand abroad, taking some workforce with them, new technology and new strategies must be utilised. Here at Collingwood, we have refined our process, learning from our years of experience working with both talented and highly skilled individuals as well as companies looking to expand and achieve new goals.

Download our talent mobility infographic here to explain in more detail just how we go about keeping talent retained, motivated and in the right place at the right time. And start thinking now about how your business will handle expansion and the mobility of talent.


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