A Great Company Culture is Key to Attracting Great Talent

‘Culture is to recruiting as product is to marketing’ we saw this quote recently and it really hit a chord. As executive headhunters, it is our job to attract and entice candidates to join your business. We can do this, in fact, we are very good at it, which is why here at Collingwood, we don’t have or use a CV database to source potential candidates. 

However, attracting candidates is only half of the recruitment process. It’s not only Collingwood that need to attract the right candidate, it’s also the responsibility of the client and the best way they can do this is by being able to talk about and share their company culture.

So what do we mean by culture? Culture is a set of shared beliefs, values and practices. And why is this important? Simple, a great culture attracts great people! It’s also not a case of having or not having a company culture –good or bad, it already exists.

So what about our company culture? Well, it's only fair that if we are asking clients and potential customers to share their company’s views and beliefs that we do the same.

Here at Collingwood we pride ourselves on a culture of honesty, communication and expertise. We strive to work in partnership with our clients. A partnership which is collaborative, yet sometimes challenging. One we’re we are able to be honest, as we have above, in saying that if your company isn’t attractive and you are not willing to make it attractive to talent, then you are investing in the wrong recruitment process in employing a headhunter. 

However, if you are determined to try and find the best talent that is out there (and surely you are) then we can help educate you on how to do this successfully. Using our experience we can show you how small changes within your recruitment process can help change that culture. How engagement and communication with the candidate at key points within the recruitment process can build that culture of trust and development.

We can also use our expertise to challenge the opinions of a client when they are thinking about the sort of candidate they are looking for. All too often we find that companies are unsure or they change their mind, mid-way through the recruitment process, about the type of person they need. They then realise that the person they thought needed and the person they actually need aren’t one and the same thing. In some cases clients haven’t considered someone with a particular skills set or background. We are certain that had companies chosen to embrace and use our knowledge, gained through years of working across different industry sectors and recruiting for different disciplines, companies could have saved themselves time, money and in some cases not lost out on that key hire.

Of course, this said we are not here to dictate and would never dream of doing so – that’s not a partnership. We want clients to appreciate and understand why we’ve ‘played devil’s advocate’. At the end of our consultancy process we want clients to be confident that they are 100% sure about the candidate they want and need to join their business.

It’s only by getting the best result for our clients that we get our best results. It’s this success that evolves into repeat business and long term partnerships which have seen Collingwood grow from strength to strength.

If you want to know more about Collingwood’s services contact us today and speak to one of our business unit managers. They’ll be able to demonstrate Collingwood’s company culture from the outset, by taking the time to fully explain how our headhunting process can benefit your business.