8 reasons that you are losing THE best talent to your competition

Having worked with a lot of companies during my 20 years in executive search, I have seen a lot of different approaches to how they believe they can engage and recruit THE best talent. There is nothing more demotivating than working very hard to develop a shortlist of outstanding candidates only for the client's recruitment process to demolish any interest they may have had...

I see it as Collingwood's job as a trusted advisor to educate our clients and help them develop a recruitment process that will effectively assess candidates but which will also leave candidates desperate to join our client for all the right reasons. We have achieved a lot of success here especially for clients that no one has ever heard of.

That said, I still believe that most companies are stuck in the past living on their brand reputation and are not aware of either how their competitors are stealing a march on them in their recruitment process nor how they leave candidates feeling as a result of their recruitment process.

I agree with this article from John Boitnott that you should consider the following in your recruitment process;

1. Pay 

Make sure you have market insights and know where your remuneration package sits. If it sits low versus your competitors then you need to ensure the expectations of the level of candidate you can hire is also aligned.

2. Stop the stupid questions 

A bad trend of who can ask the weirdest and outrageous questions is happening. What's the point? Will your ability to shock candidates entice them?

 3. Outdated culture 

Do you understand the type of environments your sought candidates would like to work in? What is it like to work for the market leader? Again market insights are important here.

4. Inflexibility 

9 to 5 has gone and has been replaced with flexible and remote working. Your ability to focus your employees on the outcomes they produce needs to come before you assess what they do in their 9 to 5.

5. Lousy benefits 

There is certainly a minimum expectation of what you should be offering beyond a basic salary and bonus. This is really important to candidates.

6. Negative online reviews

Social media allows employees and candidates to share their experiences of you and will go a long way to create the online personality of your business. Be careful how your recruitment process treats them!

7. Lack of employee investment 

Employees expect. Personal development is high on every employee's list of priorities and you need to be clear on what they can expect.

All in all traditional recruitment has gone out of the window. No one is queuing up to work for you and so you need to really think about how you can attract the talent you need and also how you can retain them.

Any process needs to involve plenty of face to face time, an opportunity for both parties to assess one another and definitely time out of the workplace and in a more social setting.

Good luck!