5 Top Tips for Attracting Candidates

Are you a growing business looking to bring more people into the business to help support your growth and ambitions? Are you looking to identify a talent pipeline in order to ensure you have strong succession planning in place for your business? How do you go about attracting candidates to achieve your goals and also who have a strong cultural fit to your business?

Here are Collingwood’s top tips for attracting candidates:

Create strong employer branding and a set of values

If your business is a great place to work you need to shout about it! There are many ways to engage with potential candidates and help to promote your business. A strong foundation is to build a set of company values that people can relate to (see our purpose, vision and values here), take ownership of, and also promote why people should work for your business.

A lot of businesses also now have a dedicated recruitment website to promote and attract employees. You need to ensure that this is loaded with great content. You can promote your values and purpose on the site along with your company history. This is also a great area to develop videos, such as site tours or employee interviews, highlighting why they enjoy working for your business.

Social media is also a strong tool help promote your business. You can create company profile pages on LinkedIn, where you can post roles, share content, as well as post business news and stories about your employee’s achievements. People can then ‘follow’ your company and ‘like’ and ‘share’ interesting posts. Twitter and Instagram are also other ways of promoting your business through relevant #hashtags, as well as ‘following’ similar people and your customer base and interacting with them.

Finally, offer a referral scheme to your current employees for any new roles. Again, this gives them the opportunity to promote your business and tell people what a great place it is to work.

Offer progression and career coaching opportunities

Career progression and opportunity for personal development is a key driver to attracting talent, especially to the millennial candidate pool. What are you doing for your employees to ensure that they are achieving their personal goals and being challenged?

Offering promotions every couple of years may not be possible for most businesses, so how do you keep your employees engaged and be able to promote your career progression opportunities?

A lot of businesses are now offering leadership programs for their ‘high potential’ employees. This will enable them to develop their leadership skills as well as feel that they are being challenged and are progressing with their career.

This may be difficult in an SME, however there is the chance to offer secondments to other departments or give them a chance to lead important projects.

Finally, give examples and case studies of how people have progressed through the business and the support they have had to achieve it. This can be used on your recruitment website.

Offer flexible working

Flexible working will continue to be a hot topic and an attraction to most candidates. The opportunity to work from home one day a week, or allow employees the chance to have 4-day working weeks, are some examples which are commonly now used. If your staff are highly motivated and engaged then they will not ‘take advantage’ and will often go over and above to ensure that they continue to deliver their KPIs. Ensuring your employees have a strong work-life balance is key to candidate attraction.

Offer non-financial benefits or ‘different’ benefits

To some, it is not all about the financial gain. For example, private healthcare and staff discounts seem to be the norm these days. Over the years Collingwood has come across some fantastic non-financial benefits that have been offered to employees. This is your chance to be creative. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Discounted tickets to their local Premiership Football team (Unfortunately they were for Everton)
  • £50 gift card each month, for selected restaurants and dining out
  • Free gym memberships
  • Cinema passes
  • Free fruit in the office
  • Your birthday as a holiday
  • Holiday rewards and incentives

Use an executive search partner

In partnering an executive search business you are then able to engage with the ‘passive’ candidate market who are not actively looking. A true executive search partner will conduct a headhunt, developing in-depth research into the market, along with networking and gaining referrals. They can also give you market insights, candidate feedback and salary benchmarking, which will help you attract candidates in the future.

See all of the added benefits of using a thorough executive headhunter here 

An executive search partner will also conduct face-to-face interviews and behavioural profiling assessment on your behalf. Suring this face-to-face engagement they will also be able to ‘sell’ the role and your company to the ‘passive candidate’, and also discuss company visions and goals which are not ‘public knowledge’ and help you remove any preconceptions about your business. 

If you are interested to learn more about candidate attraction and how Collingwood could assist you with attracting, retaining and developing your senior talent through executive search and leadership services, please get in touch 01829 732374 or email enquiries@collingwoodsearch.co.uk.


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