5 Awesome Secrets to Team Leadership

Leadership can seem like a juggling act at times. Managing internal and external pressures; from client and customer relationships through to creating a working environment to inspire and motivate your direct reports. Great leadership means always being aware and up to date with what is happening within your team. Leadership is also about taking advice and listening to others, so with that in mind here are our five tips to help you lead your teams to success.

Know thyself to gain respect

The basic ingredient of leadership is integrity, emotional intelligence, sincerity, and maturity. Until you truly have the ability to identify and manage your own emotions as well as the emotions of others, you will not be able to exploit your strengths and limitations or those of your team to succeed, except in a superficial sense. Emotionally intelligent leaders have high self-awareness, are excellent communicators and can adapt their behaviour to suit a variety of situations.

As a result, they are more likely to have the control needed to lead, manage, and perform in today’s competitive and complex marketplace. They are also adept at dealing with stress, low morale, conflict, and change.

Hire only the best and brightest talent

Establish a rigorous selection process to ensure you create teams that gel and respect each other. Look at what tools and services you can use to better qualify your appointment decisions. Benchmark and assess your best performers not just those new to your team. Knowing what the best and brightest talent looks like provides you with an opportunity to seize it when it presents itself, not just when you are looking.

Focus on the team's purpose as much as profits

Set a clear and compelling vision for your team. Uncompromisingly uphold this vision and your company’s values, use them as the foundation from which you conduct your business and influence decisions. Not only will this give your team and decision making direction, it will also create a culture and a brand that is attractive to future employees. Use employee assessments to focus not just on the ability and aptitude of candidates but also their cultural fit.

Build resilience to readily adapt and motivate

Business is unpredictable, this is a given. It is for this reason that as a leader you must attempt to predict potential issues that could arise along your journey. By being aware of both internal and external factors you can prepare and build resilience in your team, and you will have the ability to solve issues more efficiently or even prevent them in the first place. Internally, this could be discord within the team or an overload of work, preventing these often boils down to communication and assessments of skills and aptitude.

Look for people doing something right and recognise it. Give credit for and reward successes, particularly when challenges have been addressed and overcome. And most importantly communicate the good stuff. Let people know when you’ve achieved a goal together and how everyone’s hard work has paid off.

Understand the individuals that make up the team

Yes, there is an ‘I’ in team. There are lots of them ‘individuals’ and it is important to understand what each and every person brings to the team. Get to know the person behind the employee. Care about the people as much as their performance.

You may think that you know your team well. These are the people you work alongside on a daily basis. However, in our experience, much can be uncovered about an employee’s motivators and limitations through behavioural assessments. Uncovering this sort of revealing information can lead to the discovery of hidden potential within your team.

There are many ingredients that can help you and your team become highly effective. Alongside these five tips, we’ve created a downloadable resource that you can keep on hand to always remind you of your process of improving team culture. Download it here for free


Whether you’re bringing new people into your team or aiming to lead your current team to success, employee benchmarking and team assessments can help to identify the right people to fit with your team culture and the ways in which you can motivate your current team members. Find out how here at Collingwood we can tailor our service to deliver the perfect solutions to help you achieve your goals. Simply contact us to find out more about our employee assessment services.