15 Surprising Ways Talent Insight Can Future-Proof Your Recruitment

Talent insight is the research and analysis that informs the future talent agenda. It utilises a variety of executive search techniques to secure themes or recommendations on talent-orientated topic areas. It is similar to what market researchers call qualitative research.  

The approach involves multiple anonymous and exploratory conversations with groups of preselected decision makers and extensive in-depth internet research. The intelligence is compared, contrasted and analysed to secure anonymised themes and recommendations. These conclusions can really help decision-making both in talent and in other areas such as sales and marketing.

Here are just a few talent development questions the approach helps to respond to:

  • How will future talent requirements change?
  • Which skills are becoming more relevant?
  • What is the appropriate mix between in-house and off-shoring?
  • Would it be advantageous to look out of sector? 
  • In new markets, what capabilities do local talent pools have?
  • What’s really important to the strongest leaders? How does that differ from those who are simply ‘good’?
  • Which early roles, projects or activities really prepared strong directors for leadership roles?
  • How appreciated are leadership development plans or reward strategies? What is simply a waste of time or money?

Such output can offer guidance on matters such as:

  • What the next cohort of leadership (manager and director level) should look like
  • How should managers be prepared for directorships
  • What future job adverts need to include
  • What career pathways should we facilitate
  • What roles and hunting grounds should HR and headhunters be prioritising
  • How the candidate journey could and should change
  • What should next-generation employer branding look to achieve

We also help hiring managers to use insight to own strategic planning as opposed to simply influence, especially with regards to future scoping around:

  • infrastructure
  • technology  
  • internationalisation
  • communication
  • balancing continuity and change

What’s more, often, the highest calibre individuals questioned are invited to speak with the confidential client after the process. In this way, career relationships can be kindled and these VIP individuals can start to hear about your future leadership openings first.

This research process has the secondary benefit of being a warm, open way of inviting the most sought-after decision makers to consider you as a career destination. There is an air of exclusivity and the client is presented as thoughtful, excellence-orientated and very much on the front-foot of developments, hence the line of questioning. And individuals conversed with are approached as high-status opinion leaders, as opposed to simply just change agents or potential employees.


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