The Weird & Wonderful of Medical Devices

The world of medical devices is so vast and all-encompassing that we couldn’t possibly share with you all of the weird and wonderful things happening within it, but looking back its phenomenal just how far we’ve come. With Medica on the horizon where innovation is showcased on a world leading stage, we thought we’d share a few of our favourite historical medical devices which simply need to be seen to be believed.

 How much faith would you have had in your surgeon if they’d produced a macabre instrument to perform brutal butchery?


Skull Saw (1830's - 60's)

Concerned about the size or shape of your nose, don’t worry no one would notice with a Zello Punkt a nasal correction device where disguise rather than plastic surgery was the answer.


Zello Punkt

Blood-letting was common practice whether through instruments like this or artificial leeches!

undefinedArtificial Leech (1980's)

Even medical advancements in the not so distant past now look like something from a horror film!


A Portable Respirator for Polio 1955

Thankfully these medical devices are safely in the history books and we can now view their functionality with intrigue, humour and disbelief, however in their day, these were innovative and at the forefront of medical progress. 

Today, at the rate new technologies are emerging we have to be on our toes here at Collingwood, helping the companies we work with stay ahead of their game by recruiting exceptional people to lead their organisations to new frontiers. Academic researchers and industry alike are pushing the boundaries of what a medical device or tool can accomplish, and making once unworkable ideas into tangible and marketable items.