Strong Employer Branding Attracts Exceptional Healthcare Talent

Over the past six weeks, I have been fortunate enough to deliver an extremely rewarding assignment for a leading healthcare charity. Their board level requirement for a new Care Operations Director has enabled me to again engage with a number of highly skilled industry leaders.

Having evaluated why this piece of work has brought such enjoyment, a number of factors sprang to mind;

  1. The desirability of the post. This is clearly the ultimate determinant of what can be achieved. Right from initial discussion stage with clients my subconscious check and balance are always, ‘Will this post be of interest to the marketplace?’ Without this belief, the task becomes that bit harder.
  2. Partnering with great people (partnering!!). Yes we are specialists, yes we can deliver a headhunt with total autonomy but the power of partnership cannot be underestimated. The communication & collaboration has been seamless and a major influence on why so much success has ensued.
  3. Reputation, Reputation, Reputation. Employer branding; a buzz word for some yet an area of increasing focus (and investment) for organisations across all industries. The Care Operations Director assignment has evidenced more than any other project to date the impact an admired marketplace perception delivers.

At Collingwood, we work to a set of ‘guiding principles’. These act as a checklist to validate why we work with who we do. The question which appears first on this list reads, ‘Can we see that their values are aligned with ours?’ This is then followed by a number of qualifying questions;

  • What are the company values of our prospective client?
  • Is the client able to describe their culture and from that do their values become evident?
  • What evidence is there that the client’s values are aligned with ours?
  • Is alignment of our values important to the client?

The complete synergy between the two parties with regards to the above has led to the natural development of a fantastic relationship. More importantly, my client’s value base (outstanding person-centred care) and subsequent employer brand have enabled attraction of exceptional talent for the post. Consistent across all the candidates I have met (Ex CEO’s, COO’s and Operations Directors) has been their admiration for my client and the quality of care they provide (often for friends or relatives).

What has refreshingly struck me has been the level of desire for the post for reasons other than financial. Candidates willing to compromise on package due to their yearning to work for an organisation aligned with their personal care ethos. Whilst the past six weeks has evidenced that the term ‘person-centred care’ is banded too casually in the industry it has also underlined the incredible organisational benefits that derive from a care company that truly does what its title implies.

Collingwood has a true passion for partnering values-oriented organisations within the healthcare sector. We would be delighted to discuss how like-minded clients and companies can benefit from our executive search services. Please feel free to get in touch on 01829 732374.


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