A Week in the Life of an Executive Search Consultant

Having reflected on another whirlwind week at Collingwood, w/c 14th September is probably best surmised by the usually bland term ‘normal’. Yet ‘normal’ at Collingwood is anything but bland. Satisfaction, appreciation, relief, pride and enjoyment all played an equal part in my ‘normal’ week. Here are the headlines how….


  • Internal meetings to share and solve the previous week’s learnings, challenges and successes
  • Candidate interview preparation for a Care Operations Director role (an area in which I invest considerable time)
  • Research for a prospect client meeting (Palliative Care Provider)


  • Face-to-face meeting with Palliative Care Provider to discuss a Senior Clinical Leadership post
  • Call with a further prospect client (recommended to Collingwood) about a Directions of Operations post (Mental Health & Learning Disability provider)


  • ‘Catch Up’
  • Proposal created and submitted for Director of Operations opportunity
  • Preparation for meeting in London for following day (existing client)


  • London meeting (Collingwood’s base is near Chester) with leading Private Hospital Group around assignment progress for a Senior International role currently retained on
  • Train back to Chester to draw breath? Not so. Just prior to boarding my train I received an email from the above-mentioned Mental Health & Learning Disability provider…’Sorry for the short notice but could you meet us in the morning in Westminster?’ Having only a laptop bag and the suit I was in, the remainder of the day was spent shopping (toothbrush, deodorant, new shirt and most importantly a phone charger). Accommodation sorted (thanks bro) and the meeting was confirmed


  • Meeting with MH & LD provider Chief Executive and Executive Director. Relaxed yet informative, there was immediate cultural alignment between the two organisations. My understanding of their sector allowed me to quickly ascertain their needs and present an appropriate solution. The sense of a start of a great relationship was realised within 15 minutes of leaving the building with a call to confirm their desire to partner with Collingwood

So work begins on another fantastic Director level assignment and I genuinely cannot wait to deliver it. Last week felt particularly fulfilling even though in the main it was no different.  The same passion, persistence, focus and tenacity but a week where ‘you reap what you sow’ rang particularly true.

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