Salary Surveys - Senior Roles within Building Products

Over the past six months, our Head of Building Products Mark Goldsmith has completed a number of senior appointments across the building product sector. Every assignment we complete involves establishing a network of contacts who we build relationships with to ensure our knowledge of the market is up to date and relevant to our marketplace.

A number of those contacted have agreed to take part in an anonymous salary survey. As this information is an indication of the market and a really useful insight for future recruitment and succession planning I thought it would be helpful to share this information with my wider industry audience:


Surveyed participants came from a broad range of both heavy side and light side product manufacturers. Those surveyed are employed by large £50m + turnover businesses. In addition to the basic salary information, benefit package details were also shared typically these included: an executive car or average allowance of £10k; family healthcare, average pension contribution from the employer of 7-10%. Interestingly bonuses did not fluctuate much, with 20% being standard. Salaries generally did not have a heavy weighting towards performance bonuses.




The marketing participants surveyed were all North West based employees of building products manufacturers. The manufacturers were large enough to demand a sizeable marketing team. Aside from basic salary, a typical bonus structure of 10-15% was the norm, with an executive car, family healthcare and an average of 7% contribution by their employers towards pension. 




As well as surveying those employed by larger companies we also talked to our SME contacts, in this case, those working within the timber sector – in particular, joinery e.g. kitchen, timber door sets/windows, bedroom and cabinets.

In the main, these were SMEs ranging from £1m to £20m turnover. In terms of package details; Car allowance (c.£7k) outweighed company car, individual healthcare and pensions, typically of 5-7% contribution were the norm. 



Mark Goldsmith our Building Products and Construction Consultant has personal experience of over 11 years headhunting specifically for the building products and construction industry. Get in contact with Mark for more information about the building products sector and in particular recruitment and retention of senior-level talent. For examples of some of Mark's work, see our case studies