What Kind of Leader are You? Your Values Will Decide

At Collingwood Consulting we use the Hogan Leadership Assessment range to help our clients refine and hone their leadership skills to meet the increasing demands of business at the highest levels. The importance of personality and values plays out more powerfully in the C-Suite due to the overriding influence CEOs and Executives have on their organisation. According to Dr. Robert Hogan ‘values are important to understanding leadership as they explain the focus and direction of people’s actions. Leader’s personalities shape the culture of the organisation, team or business unit’. Leader’s value-driven behaviour will in some cases lead to a supportive and productive culture and in other cases, a culture can be toxic and destructive’.

In their article “Values-Based Leadership", Dr. Robert Hogan and Dr. Jorge Fernández uncovered four distinct leadership styles based around a person’s values: the strategist, the analyst, the mentor, and the innovator. These four leadership characteristics are not viewed as rigid roles in which all executives can be cast; however, the four approaches do offer a framework for understanding how leadership character directly influences work group productivity and commitment.  


Take a few minutes to consider your own instinctive values based leadership profile by taking this short self-assessment questionnaire.

The author of this blog, Dr. Paul Turner, is an Associate Consultant with Collingwood Consulting and an accredited Hogan Leadership coach. For more information on our Hogan Leadership Assessment service then please contact Jennifer Jones, Director of Consultancy Services, on 01829 732374 or e-mail jennifer.jones@collingwoodconsulting.co.uk.