Helping HR Directors Improve Their Stakeholder Relationships

Collingwood has come to the end of its financial year, which is a time for us as a business to review the past year looking at our new and existing clients that continue to be delighted by our service. Reviews are carried out and aligned to our values; accountability, innovation, integrity and listening. 

Over the last 12 months, client relationships have been predominantly with HR Directors. So what value can a strong executive search and HRD relationship achieve, particularly for HRDs as they look to influence the stakeholders within their own business? HR’s remit continues to expand outside of a ‘people’ agenda so insights and experiences from outside of HR and across their sector are now more valuable than ever, as they look to advise their board on everything from competitor insights to employer branding.  

If you are in a HRD role ask yourself, outside of recruitment, what value are you getting from your executive search relationship? Are you getting more than just a ‘bum on a seat’? Here are some examples of the ‘accountability’ and value we’ve shown over the last 12 months in helping HRDs increase their influence on their stakeholders community.  

Market Insights

Through in-depth headhunts we've been able to feedback information on key customer insights and trends, as well as new technology and category management trends (especially around the shift into e-commerce and multi-channel). This has led to some interesting topics of conversation in the boardroom.

Competitor Analysis

During the research phase of a headhunt, we are engaging with strong, influential candidates. These candidates are working within the sector and as a result, we are able to feedback on competitor activity such as; new product launches, market expansion plans, as well as new manufacturing sites and the manufacturing techniques that have been adopted. Allowing HRD’s to pass on valuable information which helps other function heads.

Acquisition Opportunities

Collingwood has one particular client who is currently on the ‘acquisition trail’, on the lookout for opportunities. There have been a couple of occasions where we've pointed them in the direction of businesses that are looking to ‘sell’ or have an interesting concept they might want consider investigating. This has on occasion been businesses that weren’t on their radar.

Cultural Fit

Through the face-to-face competency interviews and behavioural profiling that we carry out to assess candidates, we have been able to hone in on the type of people and businesses that strongly align with our clients' own values and fit. In understanding these values and cultures we are able to present candidates who we, and the HRD, know can hit the ground running when they join the business. Again helping the HRD build and maintain strong relationships with their peer group.

Career Transitioning

Finally, through the launch of Collingwood’s Leadership Consultancy 18 months ago, we are now providing career transitioning as part of our service for our clients. Through a tri-party agreement, a one-to-one coaching programme is delivered which removes the risk of new recruits failing in the first 6 months. Not only does this improve the company’s retention rate, it gets key staff members making an impact quickly, without the usual disruption that comes through change.

Our infographic demonstrates some more amazing benefits that come from building a strong executive search relationship.


All of the above has been incredibly valuable information that HR Directors have been able to act on and share with their key stakeholders, allowing them to have an influence in some of the key decisions for the business.

So, again as a HR Director ask yourself, is my search partner accountable and adding value above and beyond what I expect? If the answer is no, then get in touch with Doug Mackay, our Managing Director, or the team here at Collingwood who can explain what level of service and insight you should come to expect as the norm from your search partner. Call 00 44 1829 732374.