Executive Team Effectiveness and Performance. From Good to Great.

It’s easy to see the difference between a poor performing team and a good one. Can you remember a time when you were part of a poor team? A good one? Have you been part of a great one? The feeling is one of trust and ‘flow’; where every team member is fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

How can you tell a great team from a good one?

The answer is in the word ‘team’. In essence, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. A group of talented executives working without a shared ethos and values will be no match for a team of equally talented, self-aware executives working with the same shared values and beliefs. No matter how talented individual executives are in their own specialisms this will not deliver a high performing team at the top of an organisation.

Hogan Assessment Systems, a global leader in executive assessment, has undertaken comprehensive research studies over the past 25 years and identified the three key levers to achieving a high-performing executive team;  

  • Team roles; people typically adopt informal roles in a team, for example, an emphasis on team harmony or achievement. At least five informal roles need to be filled in order to be highly successful. These informal roles relate to results, relationships, process, innovation and pragmatism.
  • Team derailers; all teams have issues that can inhibit overall effectiveness. Often these derailing tendencies emerge when individuals are under pressure. Great teams are aware of these ‘triggers’ and develop behavioural strategies for dealing with them.
  • Team culture; each individual team member offers a different ‘visible’ range of expertise, skills and knowledge yet personal and team values are often ‘invisible’. The secret to a great team is a values-driven leadership approach on which team norms, culture and decision-making are based.

Using the Hogan suite of leadership assessments we have been proud to help top teams leverage their potential and achieve a step change in performance. Our executive services use Hogan insights and work on a powerful three-dimensional approach focused on the individual, the team and the organisation. Results can be outstanding, for example, companies who consistently used Hogan assessments for talent management selection and development were found to achieve 6.5 x higher sales, 3 x higher customer service ratings and 10% higher revenue levels following assessment based action (Business Outcome Highlights, 2012. Hogan Assessments). 


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