My work with Dave

To illustrate my work with Dave Jones and Veka, below includes the associated case studies, a testimonial from Dave and a Q&A we have recently completed.


5 minutes with Dave Jones, Managing Director at VEKA

"Having worked with Collingwood previously I did not hesitate to re-engage with them. We wanted to create two new board level appointments.  These were viewed as critical additions for us having never split the Marketing and Sales disciplines into two separate director roles. 

Collingwood took the time to take a full brief of the current situation, where I envisaged VEKA being without the appointments and what key improvements the investment would make. They also suggested a programme of executive coaching support to help transition the Directors into their new roles, de-risking the hire process and advancing the point at which the new Directors will contribute more value to my organisation than that which they consume from it.

One of Collingwood's main strengths was their ability to help shape the strategy for recruiting, based on the strengths I was looking for.  Post meeting they reflected that the Marketing Director was unlikely to come from building products given the brief.  Through Mark's understanding of the building products market, he was able to guide in the sub-sectors that would broaden the talent pool.  Sectors were then clearly outlined in their Strategy Document.  As it goes, both offered did not come from direct competition, or companies I would have envisaged.

Throughout the process of research, approach and interviewing myself and VEKA's Head of HR were kept abreast with challenges, opportunities and updates, both via the phone and face-to-face meetings.  This allowed for a collaborative "partnership" approach, especially when shaping Mark's thoughts to those he had interviewed against our initial brief.
The appointments were followed by a structured tripartite coaching programme involving myself, the Board Director and the Collingwood executive coach.  This executive transition coaching enabled the new Board members to get up to speed efficiently, helped them to integrate their previous experience into the new environment and reduced the risk of disruption to the business brought about through a change in leadership.

In short, I would have no hesitation in recommending Collingwood - in fact I already have!"

Testimonial from Dave

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