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Executive Team Development

Helping you to identify the leadership you currently have, and the leadership you need.

Leaders are responsible for performance – their own, their teams and their organisations. To create better performance, you need leaders who are up to the task.


An effective board and executive team are critical to the success of any business. The board needs to have the right composition with leaders who possess the right capabilities, experience and behaviours. We can help assess fit, alignment and dynamics for an optimum top team.

Leadership is not a one size fits all approach. It needs to suit the organisation, the industry and indeed the person. We can help you build up a picture of your current leadership population, and also define the leadership picture you need to deliver and the changes you need to make.


"With changes in my executive team I needed to create a new team dynamic quickly and a create leadership approach that would work both strategically on the business and ensure we execute our plans effectively as ‘one team’. This involved us deepening our understanding of each other and the team as a unit. In particular, exploring the ways we can work together more effectively and utilise each other's capabilities and strengths to deliver results together. I had assembled a good team who were individually performing well, however I wanted to unleash their full potential as a team. This was about helping each individual achieve more for themselves, enabling the business to step up to an even greater level of success. 

During the programme, the Collingwood consultant provided expert knowledge, insightful coaching, and positive yet challenging facilitation; encouraging, engaging and helping the team to better understand how to better align its’ leadership impact to strategic intent. A very fulfilling, productive and truly engaging leadership development experience, the feedback from every member of the team was positive. It gave a new level of focus for us a team and provided each individual with a sharp, specific set of development goals."