International Executive Search

Collingwood Executive Search has been successfully helping companies grow their businesses internationally for over 14 years. Working in partnership with clients’, we design and execute talent identification and engagement strategies at board and business critical levels. Whether you’re an overseas company looking to establish a UK base, or you're looking to expand into new global territories, we can help. Using sector research, knowledge and insight we have built an enviable reputation for exceeding client expectations.

To date our team has delivered over 50 successful overseas executive search assignments, in more than 30 countries:

UK | Spain | France | Netherlands |Belgium | Poland | Ireland | Italy | Germany | Russia |Switzerland |
Turkey | China | Denmark | Austria | Czech Republic | Japan | USA | Sweden | UAE | Oman | Qatar |
Kuwait | Morocco | Ghana | Tanzania | Singapore | Vietnam | Korea | Australia | Philippines | Nepal 

The key to this success is our headhunting process which identifies the right candidates for clients' businesses. This process remains consistent no matter where in the world they wish to appoint talented people. Paramount is our contact and engagement with high calibre candidates; we go the extra mile to ensure every individual we introduce to our clients has the behaviours, competencies and cultural values to integrate into their organisation and meet their business aspirations.

We never pass on assignments to other 'in country' recruiters or other Collingwood offices and it is this ownership that delivers rewards, as no information is lost in interpretation and no errors are made through miscommunication.

To find out more about our experience, our process and how we can help you get in touch with one of our team today on 00 +44 (0)1829 732374.