Production Manager, Electronic Systems


The client, a provider of SCADA, security and command and control systems, was seeking a Production Manager to help prepare for and deliver an exciting period of growth. Under a new Managing Director, this SME client had developed several new innovative product portfolios which were being well received by their target customer groups. Following the retirement of the previous Production Manager, this appointment presented an opportunity to invest in someone from electronics manufacturing who could bring a coaching style of leadership whilst also introducing best practice and lean principles to increase capacity and prepare for future commercial success.

The role reported directly to the Managing Director.


Based in North Wales, we needed to find a candidate with experience of manufacturing leadership in the electronics industry. The business would suit a certain type and culture of person and ideally needed a candidate with a mix of experience in both big and SME companies in order to bring strong governance and robust processes whilst designing these to suit a small and agile organisation.

We were ideally targeting experienced individuals who were happy to leave a “safe” environment in order to progress their career in a SME business with bags of potential.

The “commutable” talent pool was quite limited and candidates were certainly not queuing up for the opportunity!


Success required us to take a very direct and proactive approach. In addition to some targeted advertising and a creative social media plan, we took a research approach to identify, engage with and entice candidates from the electronics industry. Our research team identified around 20 companies within commuting distance of North Wales and mapped out their manufacturing and production teams. We used this as a foundation to build a network of interested candidates but also one that would provide referrals to individuals with experience in electronics who had left the industry but were open to return to it.

The longlist was a blend of candidates from our proactive headhunt, online advertising and social media campaign.


Our longlist led to a strong shortlist of 2 candidates both of whom our client said they would be happy to employ. One was especially strong in terms of experience, being a coaching-led leader and who had a good mix of working for SME’s and multi-national companies.

The role was successfully appointed.


"We have used Collingwood twice so far and both times have proved successful in identifying a quality recruitment for the role we were looking to fill; a Sales & Marketing Director and a Production Manager. I have no hesitation in recommending Collingwood and would use again."