Product Manager, industrial technology, based US


On this occasion, we partnered with the subsidiary of a global connectivity technology business. Headquartered in California, the business specialises in innovative solutions within the industrial automation market. Since the 1990’s, they have been recognised as a pioneer in connecting disparate systems to leverage production data, well before the Industrial Internet of Things became the buzz phrase that it is now.

The client was gearing up for its next stage of growth, with two significant new product development platforms launching in partnerships with their top two customers. This created a requirement to recruit a Product Manager to look after their largest product area, the industrial communication modules.


When they contacted Collingwood, the client had been looking for a Product Manager to join their team and had used traditional resourcing channels (contingency agencies, job boards, etc.) to source candidates. As the volume and quality of candidates did not match their expectations, they turned to Collingwood to undertake a pro-active and systematic search of the marketplace for the required profile, in the context of a passive talent pool in high demand.

Besides the domain knowledge required in industrial automation, control systems or PLCs, the client was looking for high potential talent as product management is seen as a talent incubator within their subsidiary and parent company. Culture wise, they were also looking for individuals who were adaptable and could as easily operate in the agile environment of a smaller company (the subsidiary) as well as have the ability to progress within a large corporate (the parent company).


Collingwood used their extensive knowledge and network within the US industrial space to identify product management profiles with the required functional experience. This was a niche talent both in terms of the domain experience and the requirement to display high-potential attributes.

A timeline of six weeks from commission to final shortlist was agreed with the client, with a detailed project plan with key activity and review milestones, so that the client had full transparency and influence over the process. As the client had experienced challenges recruiting in his area, we agreed to build in regular touch points to facilitate collaboration and work in partnership to maximise success in the context of a scarce skills market.


Following thorough market investigation, Collingwood selected and targeted 52 relevant profiles across the US market and submitted an initial shortlist of three candidates within four weeks of commission. Within six weeks, Collingwood presented a further two candidates following a systematic search of the marketplace, hence confirming that the five candidates submitted were the best qualified, available and interested candidates from the market place.

The client invited all candidates for interviews and subsequently made a successful appointment; the candidate joined within four months of the original briefing meeting. Through this process they also identified two other high-potential candidates who are now being considered for other product management positions within the group.


“Overall, your team provided really good work in terms of candidate fit and quality but also in terms of how the process was driven. Excellent work!”