Operations Director, Technology


Our client was a niche manufacturer of fibre used for in a range of applications in telecommunications and communication products. The company had been acquired by a large US technology business, synonymous with telecoms and cable tv technology, and was receiving investment to grow significantly.


Reporting to the Managing Director, the Operations Director role was newly created to help provide structure and a model to deliver ambitious growth. Our client wanted to attract senior individuals with a strong track record of technical innovation and operations in fibre manufacturing. The challenge was that most UK fibre manufacturers had closed their plants after the telecoms downturn in the early 2000’s and so there wasn’t a ready-made target list of live companies to research and approach!


This was a very “niche” search.

Collingwood’s technology specialists had a strong track record of working with fibre manufacturers and so had a network of individuals located worldwide. We used our networking, referring and headhunting expertise to identify, engage with and entice relevant potential candidates.

The opportunity was a very exciting one, rare in the UK and so it gave a lot of expats an opportunity to return.

The number of candidates approached was quite small but we ended up shortlisting 5 high calibre individuals after face-to-face, competency based interview & assessments.


A three stage interview process was undertaken by our client with one candidate successfully appointed. He had to be re-located from Europe.