Chief Technology Officer, Technology


Our client was the world leader in the research, design, development and delivery of power solutions for customers who cannot afford failure. Their reputation was in lithium-ion materials technology, partnering customers in the defence, space, aerospace, marine and industrial markets.


This vacancy was created due to the incumbent retiring after more than 25 years’ service. Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the CTO was based in the north of Scotland at the UK’s only volume production site of this technology. The CTO lead a team of subject experts to drive R&D of new and existing applications to maintain and grow the company’s position as the market leader. The role was also responsible for developing a robust strategy to keep updated on technical advances in electrochemical materials to see how these could translate into business opportunities for the company.


This was an extremely “niche” search as there were not many competitors in the market and the retiring CTO was widely acknowledged as the industry expert globally. Our search led us to engage with potential candidates across the USA and Japan as well as identifying opportunities to entice academics from specialist universities.

The number of candidates approached was quite small but we ended up shortlisting 3 high calibre individuals after face-to-face, competency based interview & assessments.


We successfully appointed a candidate who was working in a German university.