Strategic Sales Transformation

Client Requirement

Our client is a UK subsidiary of a leading global group which operates across 80 countries and offers a wide range of industrial systems and solutions, backed by an extensive service network. The UK subsidiary has an extensive history and legacy which today is represented by providing the design, manufacture, marketing and servicing of a broad range of high-quality industrial products.

Due to tremendous progress achieved in recent years, our client was in a position to press on and grow further. To achieve this a new strategic approach was identified which focused on customer centric product and service strategies. This new approach required the organisation’s sales team to re-focus their sales approaches from product price to product value and differentiation. A key risk centred on the sales team having the skills and capabilities required to execute the new sales strategy via innovative transformational sales approaches required to sell value and differentiation rather than price.

The crux of the challenge was to ensure a successful launch of the new sales strategy by ensuring the sales team made the transition from a technical sales perspective to a value and differential sales approach, through realigning and upgrading sales capabilities, building personal confidence and developing an understanding of how best to sell value and differentiation. 

Collingwood Solution

The initial aim of the transformational sales programme focused on engaging the sales team in the change, both from an emotional, logical and practical perspective, to ensure individuals were fully invested in the new sales strategy. This was followed by an audit of sales behavioural capability via evidence based Hogan assessment diagnostics and role play observations, which generated data on which to understand the sales capability ‘gaps’. Based on the sales audit, a supporting sales skills development programme was developed and delivered to upgrade attitudinal and behavioural traits and develop appropriate sales skill sets required to deliver the new sales strategy.

The new transformational sales skills programme was successful in ramping up the capability of the sales team and aligned their behaviours to the new strategic intent. To ensure sustainability an ongoing sales development programme was established and a new personality driven selection framework implemented to maintain and drive up the sales skills bench strength of the sales management team

The Client Experience

Our client has now embedded the initial programme into the fabric and structure of the sales division thus driving up the ROI emanating from the sales team, which is now more aligned both in attitude and behaviour to the overarching sales strategy. The results achieved within the UK operation, driven by evidence-based analytics and aligned development and selection, have attracted attention and interest from many other of the group’s international subsidiaries across the world, including North America and Asia, which are now progressing plans to launch similar transformational sales programmes.