Sales Leadership Development

The Client Requirement

Peel Ports Group (PPG) is one of the largest UK ports companies and an ideal example of a business whose whole is more than the sum of its parts. The company works as a strategic network of ports, terminals, hubs, shipping lines and services and is a vital link in an expert logistics chain, at the leading edge of transport and handling facilities. PPG connects major population areas across England, Scotland and Ireland through its Irish Sea hub, and has the only water freight route, delivering cargo right to the heart of the UK via the Manchester Ship Canal.

Peel’s vision of transforming industries and regions to foster economic growth has come to life with the £350m investment in the development of Liverpool2, one of the best-equipped and connected deep water container terminals in Britain. Added to this, further investment has been put into operating capability to successfully execute their strategy of providing ‘Port Centric Distribution Solutions.’ 

The challenge

On the back of this significant investment, opportunities are there for the taking and expectations are high. Peel Ports engaged with Collingwood to help them sustain their growth curve and focus on future top line growth to realise the returns required from their huge investment in the future. The drivers for change were commercial.

The Collingwood Solution

Following the initial engagement with the Group CEO, Collingwood worked with the Chief Operating Officer and Group Commercial Director to fully understand the current reality, the desired commercial outcomes and set working guidelines for the trust in our partnership to develop. As a result of this initial consultancy work, it was identified that there were two dovetailed solutions to be designed, one for the Director / leadership community, and one for those undertaking the growth activity on a day to day basis.

In partnership with Collingwood, a structured programme, including diagnostics and team workshops, was put in place to accelerate the performance of the organisation and equip the leadership community to effectively guide the upcoming growth in the business.

Those with commercial responsibility undertook personality diagnostics to increase their individual self-awareness of preferences and behaviour, including those which were naturally, and often unconsciously, avoided. As individuals and as a team we explored what this meant in terms of performance and behaviour, and what changes need to be made to maximise the opportunity they now have. Skills development was undertaken in sales techniques such as negotiation and closing, as well as behavioural development including interpersonal psychology, questioning and relationship capability. As part of the programme, there was a clear focus on evaluating and benchmarking Inspirational Sales Leadership as well as sales performance, behaviours and cultural markers. All benchmarks increased during the project and all objectives were clearly met.

(i)            overall commitment to the strategic charter of actions increased by 40%

(ii)           implementation of improved and refocused sales behaviours by 50% and

(iii)          team working and communication improved by 100%.

The Client Experience

We realised that a project to determine clearer roles between operational and commercial needed complementing with a focused programme to improve the sales capability within the commercial team. Collingwood spent a significant time developing a true understanding of our needs and developing the programme specifically for Peel Ports. During the sessions, the Collingwood facilitators balanced first-class knowledge with participative sessions which kept the process fresh and alive.

Patrick Walters,

Group Commercial Director, Peel Ports Group