Executive Benchmarking & Development

Our Client

Lloyds Banking Group, which includes Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, Scottish Widows and Black Horse is a leading UK based financial services group which provide a wide range of banking and financial services, focused on personal and commercial customers.

The Challenge

Following a restructure there was a requirement to support the MD in developing both individual and team potential across the Executive team, which was seen as the key enabler to accelerating the performance of the entire business. 

Collingwood Solution 

The solution was based around creating an aligned executive team, to take the business to the next stage. Following the initial engagement meeting with the MD, the use of Hogan Assessment leadership diagnostics was identified as the best way to establish the Executive team’s leadership preferences, both individually and as a team. Hogan assessment reports were interpreted within a 1-1 feedback and coaching session for individual Executives which explored personal development themes and actions. 

The 1-1 coaching process was supported by a facilitated team workshop which focused on how individual personalities and preferences played out within a team and organisational setting, and the impact of team dynamics on ways of working and performance. The workshop culminated in an integrated set of objectives which provided the team with a developmental route map, focused on three dimensions of leadership impact; personal, team and organisational. This approach ensured alignment of the various development strands and actions to strategic intent. 

The Client Experience 

‘With changes in my Executive team I needed to create a new team dynamic quickly and a create leadership approach that would work both strategically on the business and ensure we execute our plans effectively as ‘one team’. This involved us deepening our understanding of each other and the team as a unit, in particular exploring the ways we can work together more effectively and utilise each other's capabilities and strengths to deliver results together.  I had assembled a good team who were individually performing well, however, I wanted to unleash their full potential as a team. This was about helping each individual achieve more for themselves, enabling the business to step up to an even greater level of success. 

‘During the programme, the Collingwood consultant provided expert knowledge, insightful coaching, and positive yet challenging facilitation; encouraging, engaging and helping the team to better understand how to better align its’ leadership impact to strategic intent. A very fulfilling, productive and truly engaging leadership development experience, the feedback from every member of the team was positive. It gave a new level of focus for us a team and provided each individual with a sharp, specific set of development goals.

Richard Jones. MD. Black Horse