Leadership Onboarding - Manufacturing

Client Requirement

Collingwood have successfully worked with this global, €1bn. turnover, family owned, window and door profile manufacturer previously and were asked to provide executive coaching services to support the appointment of two new members to the Board. Within the UK, our client can boast of being the genuine market leader, viewed as a pioneering innovator. They’ve also gained recognition for their huge investment into their UK manufacturing site and high staff retention rates.

The executive transition coaching focused on supporting the new Board members to get up to speed efficiently, help them to integrate their previous experience into the new culture and environment and reduce the risk of disruption to the business brought about through a change in leadership. 

Collingwood Solution

The appointment was followed by a structured tripartite coaching programme involving the UK Managing Director, the Board Director and the Collingwood Executive Coach. Clear outcomes and objectives were set at the beginning and measured against over the 6-month programme. The coaching was supplemented by Hogan Assessments to incorporate empirically validated, data-driven personality diagnostics into the process. Leadership strengths and de-railers were blended with organisational challenges to create areas of best focus to increase performance and allow for a smooth transition during the role change. The focus was firmly placed on being able to advance the point at which the new Director can contribute more value to an organisation than that which they consume from it.

The Client Experience

Our clients found the executive coaching to be a positive and rewarding experience, providing them with greater self-awareness and adopting new habits to ensure they lead the company to success in the future. The Managing Director is very happy with the performance of both new Directors and their provision of value to the business from an earlier stage than anticipated.