Leadership Development

Client Requirement

Our client is a UK legal services company which has expanded greatly in recent years through offering a range of legal services via a fast and efficient service delivered by highly skilled legal experts and supported by investment in IT systems. The continuing changes in the legal services market place led to the company identifying a need to manage change more effectively. Based on the scenario of a changing market landscape a leadership development capability ‘gap’ was identified, which needed to be tackled so as to ensure the continued success of the company’s revenue generating division in the years ahead. 

The leadership development focus centred on the high profile and highly skilled legal fee earning team. The success of these highly talented fee earners and their teams is critical to the overall success of the company. The primary need was to develop individual leaders and build more effective cross functional team working.

Collingwood Solution

Following an initial organisational review a leadership development programme was designed to increase the leadership maturity of the fee earning team by identifying and developing their leadership potential. All interventions were designed around the latest evidence based neuroscience principles to stimulate interest and meet the high learning approach of the participants. The neuroscience framework included Hogan psychometrics and aligned 1-1 feedback sessions with a team event designed to build awareness of individual and team behavioural preferences.

The outcomes included (i) benchmarking the leadership team’s current leadership development phase, both at an individual and team level, via evidence based personality assessment diagnostics; (ii) identifying the critical leadership developmental areas aligned to the overall strategy and delivery programme; and (iii) developing individual leaders and the overall team as a unit to reduce the capability ‘gaps’ identified and increase team working and effectiveness. ROI measures were targeted and delivered including a move towards the desired leadership behavioural changes, increased levels of effective team working and specific delivery of key business deliverables and indicators linked to the company’s balanced score-card.

The Client Experience

Our clients found the leadership development programme to be a valuable and rewarding experience on several levels, from a strategic and team perspective as seen by the CEO to the benefits identified by the individual leader participants involved in the programme. The improvement in leadership bench strength and capability is now helping our client to respond to the major external changes in the legal services marketplace whilst maintaining internal morale, external alignment to the market place and profitability.