Executive Team Development

The Client Requirement

The UK’s largest price comparison site, our client is committed to providing their customers with the services and products they need to save money. The group provides a place for customers and providers to come together through their technology to help customers make the most of their money.

The company offers customers 60 different products from over 700 providers. In 2015 they generated £1.6bn worth of savings for British households. The company was listed on the stock market in 2007 and since then the annual turnover has grown to £282m and is an established member of the FTSE250 index.

With competition in the market increasing, a new CEO arriving and technological and leadership edge being the differentiators of success, the drivers for change were strategic.

The Collingwood Solution

Following the initial engagement in August 2016, the Collingwood team provided leadership diagnostics to establish, with confidence, evidence based data upon which to assess the leadership capability at both an individual and team level. As a result of this initial diagnostic activity, a bespoke team intervention was designed and delivered to increase self and team awareness and pull together previous initiatives into the start of a coherent development programme to ready them for business growth and a new CEO.

In partnership with Collingwood, the client’s leadership community explored their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats including points of conflict and how this will affect day-to-day decisions and performance. They began to understand who the Senior Leadership team are from an individual and team perspective, and what this means for their developmental journey going forward.

The team solution was reinforced with individual coaching and Hogan debriefs to increase their own self-awareness as well as realise their personal impact on the team and to the organisation. Clear action planning maintained focus to increase personal, team and organisational effectiveness and performance, as well as exploring the leadership role in bringing the growth strategy to life.

Together, the programme of work created a robust foundation from which to design a development solution moving forward, and a greater understanding of the journey ahead. This provision of focused high performance behavioural strategies will further drive and add value to the strategy and the related results. There was an increased awareness of individual leadership journeys while realizing their own roles in shaping the overall future plan together.

The Client Experience

The client commented how the programme quantified the risk of the implementation of the new strategy and pin pointed areas for investment and development moving forward. This meant that any investment was incurred only where the return was highest and strategic development decisions were made on a solid foundation of evidence and data.