Technical & Operations Manager - Soft Drink Manufacturer


Our client is a branded soft drinks manufacturer with ambitious growth plans.


The need to meet and exceed BRC, HACCP, quality assurance and customer standards across production and the factory led the board to conclude the production team would benefit from a hands-on Technical and Operations Manager


This position would work directly with the production, laboratory, operation team to drive improvements in performance and quality, while working closely with the sales and marketing to ensure customer demands were met. The CEO required someone with an excellent technical management background from the beverage industry with current knowledge of BRC, HACCP, QA and retailer standards. In addition to this, they needed to be an effective manager and leader to implement and deliver the technical strategy and policies for the business.


Our brief was to directly headhunt from the drinks manufacturing industry someone with detailed technical and customer facing experience who understood the various retail channels and had the personality to match the business culture.

We approached this assignment from a pure headhunting process. We collated and agreed on a target list with the client and made direct confidential approaches to 67 potential candidates.

Those candidates fitting our client’s needs were longlisted and discussed with the client to ensure they match their requirements prior to us conducting 6 face-to-face interviews supported by verbal and numerical reasoning tests. We provided detailed interview notes and CVs to confirm their experience, skills, personality and ambitions matched the brief. 

Throughout this process, we provided regular updates to the client with feedback on the candidate market and to prevent any surprised in the headhunting process.


We were able to shortlist five highly experienced candidates with relevant technical, product and people management experience. Two candidates were identified as high potential for the role and invited for a final stage with an offer being accepted by their chosen candidate.