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What’s going on in the industry?

Aerospace is a leading industry in the UK, being the largest manufacturer in Europe and only second to the USA in the global market. From 2013 to 2014 alone the industry saw a 9.4% increase in revenue to £27.8 billion.

This rapid growth, both in civil exports and commercial, is a result of a great heritage, a culture of innovation and a rich foundation in engineering. However, the challenge the industry now faces is to find new, up and coming talent to fill important board and senior level roles in an industry where the skills gap and ageing skilled workforce is a very real issue.

How we can help

Collingwood’s vision to redefine the executive search industry is already proven to be extremely valuable in Aerospace. We understand the challenges faced in finding Board and senior level individuals and attracting candidates from other regulated industries to support such rapid growth. Our approach has always been to take a challenge head on, meaning we go above and beyond to achieve success for clients. Our personal headhunting approach and passion for getting out into the Aerospace community ensures we will find the right candidates for high calibre roles. Not only that, we pride ourselves in being a team of brave individuals, confident enough in our own expertise to provide only the best candidates from the industry by carrying out our own structured assessments, helping you use your time effectively.

Why choose Collingwood?

With 15 years' experience in aerospace executive search, both nationally and internationally,  we have built long-standing relationships, based on trust, enabling us to work in collaboration with our clients. Our success within the aerospace industry has been achieved working with clients ranging from innovative, privately owned start-ups to well-established leaders in their respective fields, which is a testament to our passion and dedication in every aspect of our bespoke executive search service. Regardless of size or sector, we act as a trusted advisor to all the companies we work with. Our case studies support our experience in headhunting for senior roles within this sector, including our recruitment of a Chief Executive Officer for a highly innovative product developer and supplier to aircraft OEMs around the world. 

Within aerospace, Collingwood Executive Search has proved our dedication and ability to identify executive level candidates with the right competencies, experience and behaviours for your role.

Below are examples of board and senior level roles we have recruited in aerospace;

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Managing Director
  • Operations Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager, EMEA
  • Group Project Manager
  • Head of Customer Solutions
  • Programmes Manager
  • Engineering Manager


Unlike most search firms, Collingwood also offers leadership transition services which go beyond candidate placement. Our consultancy services are aimed at accelerating the performance of your new employee, to ensure a smooth career transition and reduce business disruption through the change.

If you would like an initial discussion on how we can add value to your business then please contact us