The Big Data of Leadership

Big Data is one of the latest management buzz words and has been described as volume sets of data that can be analysed to reveal patterns, trends and associations much of it relating to human behaviour and interactions. Significant IT spend is being focused on creating software to help unlock the potential of the voluminous amounts of information available to an organisation. Yet whilst the benefits of utilising big data is readily accepted in the external facing arena of marketing, there is very little understanding of data analytics in the critical area of leadership behaviour and development.

How well do organisations understand their leadership talent? Based on our experience this is often a ‘black hole’ for many organisations and this leads to a lack of, or poorly defined, leadership development focus. Why does one leader succeed through inspiring and motivating, whilst another leader fails?  The answer often lies in the fit of the leader’s personality to the role and culture. Can the success of a leader or other key talented individuals be predicted? We believe that personality analytics can provide a strong steer on the likely level of success.  Human personality drives behaviour and therefore leadership impact, for better or worse.  By putting a number on personality it is much easier to understand and, if appropriate, refine to the situation. Yet intuition or ‘gut feel’ still drives the vast majority of selection decisions.  

A new book ‘The Talent Delusion. Why Data, Not Intuition, Is the Key to Unlocking Human Potential’ by Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, the CEO of Hogan Assessment, provides a major step forward in understanding the power of talent and leadership analytics. In his book Dr Chamorro-Premuzic presents a strong case for the science of people being a key weapon in the war for talent by bridging the gap between science and practice; identifying data-driven solutions for talent management and leadership.  You can follow the link to a podcast discussion on the book by clicking here 

You can contact us for more information, 01829 732374, on how our Hogan leadership data analytics approach can provide your organisation with a competitive edge, in selecting and developing your people.   

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