Individual and team assessments

Why have assessments?

How well an individual will ‘fit’ into a role or perform in your company depends on a complex mix of company culture, team dynamics, effective management and the individual’s attitude, skills and behaviours.

So how can you guarantee that you are recruiting the best person for the job? That they will have the right aptitude and demonstrate the right behaviours to be successful in the role? That they will integrate into the existing team, adapt to changes or retain information quickly?  That they will manage and be managed effectively? 

Assessments in recruitment

Interviews used on their own are not a reliable indicator of an individual’s performance in the role.  Assessments can boost organisational performance by measuring the correct attributes and competencies, which may be difficult to evaluate in an interview - providing an unbiased and reliable prediction of organisational and role suitability.

Assessments for Existing Employees

Feel there is a need to improve existing team dynamics or individual performance development?  Assessments for existing employees can identify the causes that trigger problems or yield mediocre outcomes, for example, development needs, preferred management style, ideal communication or sales method, and motivators.  By acquiring a good understanding of your employees, you will enhance effective management and optimise output

OUR services and EXPERTISE

Collectively we have over 40 years’ experience in conducting assessments, with a range of accredited tools. 

We have enjoyed great success with organisations in various industry sectors from SME’s to high profile, global blue-chip organisations.   With each client, we prefer to listen to your situation, understand your objective(s) then recommend a tailored solution to meet your business needs.  These can include:

  • Job Profiling Assessment – clarify behaviours required to be successful in the role
  • Interview Assessments– evaluate candidate’s capability to perform in the role
  • Aptitude & Ability Assessment– measures a person’s mental horsepower
  • Personal Profile Assessments – evaluation of workplace behaviours and job match
  • Employee Development Assessment – for retention and engagement
  • Leadership Assessment – talent management and development for succession planning
  • Manager & Team Assessment – enhance management and development of employees
  • Team Assessment – to enhance cohesiveness and reduce conflict

Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than achieving positive benefits for our clients, both in recruitment and selection, team efficiency and personal development.  

To find out more about our assessment services and how they can benefit your business contact us today on 01829 732374.

Collingwood is an approved reseller of Hogan and Thomas International products.
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